Month: September 2011

A Relationship with Running

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I was talking to a friend and he was expressing concerns about his romantic relationship and how he was having trouble in the “wooing” department which really got me to thinking; romantic relationships are JUST like the relationships we have with running. You can’t just expect running to jump into bed with you for a good time because you’ve been together a long time or you cooked running one good dinner. You have to woo running and not just when you need/want it. It’s the daily things in a romantic relationship that make people want to be lovey and connected not just the annual sensual massage with a hidden agenda. Just like a romantic relationship is about opening doors, getting/giving flowers, hugs, and cuddling running needs reassurance you love it to. So here are some tips on wooing running in your daily life so that you both can go to bed happy!

1) Use the stairs – Walk down backwards if you have sore quads from running or racing

2) Be hard on yourself – Harden your muscles through STRENGTH TRAINING. Traditional- lift using free weights/bench press, do squats, push ups, ect

Non-Traditional – lift your kids, do pull ups at the park, buy REALLY heavy groceries

*REMEMBER to get to those abs as well

3) Eat like a king, in training – Eat when your hungry but make smart choices about what. Have a treat here and there if you crave it so you reduce the risk of binging. If you are adding mileage expect to be more hungry and don’t beat yourself up about it.

4) Catch your amount of shut eye – I read countless articles about getting “enough” sleep and that being 8-9 hours per night. If you are a parent of young kids you KNOW this is unrealistic AND 8-9 hours is too much sleep for some people. Keep track of how much shut eye you get before hard/long runs and how you felt to figure out the optimum sleep schedule for you.

5) Talk about it– Find support for your running goals in family, friends, online and speak freely about goals,struggles and triumphs. Getting it out there will make you feel much better and hold you accountable.

6) Have FUN – If it’s not fun why do it. Getting too hung up in missed or botched runs can ruin motivation and drive. It happens. Write down what went wrong, see #5 and move forward. Getting too strict on yourself about nutrition, socializing outside of running and/or exercise/running can also do this. Have fun (outside of running) just be careful that fun doesn’t interfere with your goals which it shouldn’t if you’re being responsible.

Every day we have choices and there are no good or bad or right or wrong ones. There are the choices you make and the ones you don’t. Running is a lifestyle and a pretty awesome one if I do say so myself. Do what you can to help to reach your goals and have a GREAT time doing it!

Tighten those laces, let’s run!