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The We Run This Runner Lovers Gift Guide

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This time of year we are inundated with gift guide after gift guide. Today alone I think I looked at 5 different “gifts for runners” guides. That’s great if you like to leave “hints” for the people in your life or know other runners you would buy gifts for. What about the non-runners in your life who come to all of your races no matter how long, cold, hot or junky the wait is to cheer you on and try to take pictures of you so you don’t have to pay $40.00 for one. I LOVE my running support system and so I complied the: 

We Run This Runner Lovers Holiday Gift Guide!

1) Gone For a RUN – Create Your Own Expandable Sign ($7.99)

Your friends and family will have fun cheering you on with this DIY, easy to carry sign. No more lugging around signs that may get wet or lost in a wind gust. When closed this sign easily fits into a purse or bag.

2) Texting Gloves ($7.99)
Your Runner Lover can Facebook, Twitter or track your run on their smartphone without freezing fingers! There are many different varieties of these out. These are the cheapest I’ve found. Target also has some thicker ones for $19.99

3) GCI Outdoor Xpress – Camp Chair ($34.99)
This chair folds up to 1/15 it’s size (the size of a laptop) and weighs only 5lbs. Perfect for your support team at longer races or those with little legs that can’t stand as long!

4) COFFEE!!! (Prices Vary)
Grab a pound from your local coffee shop for them to brew at home, a Starbucks gift card, or get a cup together and PROMISE not to talk about running the whole time.

5)  We Run This – I ❤ A Runner Bumper Sticker ($5.50)
Help your crew remind other motorists to share the road with YOU with this 10″X3″ sticker  and support a great cause while you’re at it!! *All proceeds go to the We Run This Shoe Scholarship

6) Disposable Ponchos ($3.52)
I have also seen them at the Dollar Store 2 for $1.00
Keep your team dry with a disposable poncho. Easy to carry/pack. If you buy them in a solid color like the one shown friends and family could even decorate them with words of encouragement or a team name! Pick up a few since they will likely be discarded after one use.

7) Family Fan Club  – Marathon Official Spectator Gear
($14.00- $44.00)
Watching a Marathon is a sport in and of itself. Let your loved ones take pride on race day or at the grocery store. This website also has customizing options and a lot of great cheering gear.

8) CamelBak – Hydration Pack (Sizes/Prices Vary)
Pictured: Hydrobak Hydration Pack – 50 fl. oz.
Help your team stay hydrated while their hands are free to cheer and high five. Many styles of CamelBak also have pouches like a traditional backpack to help carry everything a race spectator needs!

9) Handy Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner ($182.54)
Keep your Runner Lover’s air up to 30 degrees F cooler. The fan runs on batteries or USB. Great for summer or unseasonably warm races. If you’re lucky maybe they’ll hit you with a blast of cool air as you race by!

10) A non-sweaty hug and thank you (Free)
This holiday season and everyday remember to show your race support crew and Runner Lovers the LOVE! After all they go through a lot to see you run by for 10 seconds, which is probably something they do most days without crowds, bad parking, and sometimes terrible weather!

I hope you found something special to get the Runner Lovers in your life! Got suggestions? Comment!

Tighten those laces, LETS RUN!!!

Someone has to be last

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Today I signed up to do what is most runner’s nightmare, finish a 5k…DEAD LAST! A couple of days ago I saw a post on the Fit Milwaukee Facebook Page calling for “WonderGirls” for the Girls on the Run New Balance 5k on 12/4/11. Girls on the Run is a national non-profit with a mission of “We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.” You can find more information here.
A WonderGirl is an adult women who helps welcome runners to the event, keeps a positive attitude and high energy and most importantly is the last person to finish the race! Most runners fear being last and this event will be a lot of 3rd – 5th grade girls first 5k so it is important for their confidence someone is there to help them when things get rough in the race (we have ALL been there). It’s also important for someone to be brave enough to be last, it takes A LOT more courage then being first!!!
At first I was registering for this race to PR because it is at the Petit National Ice Center where the temperature is regulated to ~50 degrees F and it is a flat, cushioned track! So this is a complete 180. I have to say though I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a 5k. After starting We Run This my whole perspective on running has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I am still chasing PRs, doing the runs I want to and working on ME. Now it’s just about more then me, it’s about you and these girls and ALL beginning runners. If you’re going to be at the 5k on Sunday stop me and say Hi. I’ll be the one in the back of the pack, in a crazy outfit with my brand new We Run This shirt on(see the pic below)!

Tighten Those Laces LETS RUN!!

Run To Work (Contest)

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This is me at work today. That’s my very white, boring 3rd floor office which I share with the part time guy I supervise. I realized, right before taking this picture, that for the last week and a half I have worn SOMETHING related to running to work every day. I have a very casual Social Service job as you can see by the hoodie and yes I wore the hat all afternoon so it’s easy to throw on a race t-shirt and head out.  I want to challenge you to do the same. From now until 11:59pm November 30th 2011 I want you to wear something running related to work EVERYDAY, take a picture and post it on our Facebook wall with a little explanation. This may be a little tricky for those of you who have to “dress up” for work but get creative (running/compression socks under your dress pants, a race chip laced into your dress shoes, wear your running hat into the office for your co-workers to see, etc.) If you see a good idea in a picture posted feel free to use it the next day. The woman who posts the most photos (Limit 1 per day) in this time frame will win the We Run This sticker of their choice and a feature in our blog (if you’re shy you can opt out of this part). In the event of a tie the person whose pictures have the most total “likes” will win so encourage your friends to come by the page and “like” your photo. Don’t work outside the home? Just snap a picture of yourself in your running/running related gear in a public place while you are not on a run. I will be completing this challenge right along with you and posting a picture of me at work every day I am there during this time (I am off for Turkey Day from 11/26 – 11/28). *BONUS wear obvious running gear (no socks for this one unless they are knee high and you are wearing shorts) to the table for your Thanksgiving meal post the picture and it counts as TWO pictures* I hope you all have fun and get creative with this one! If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at 

Just a REMINDER Sunday 11/20/11 is HUG A RUNNER DAY!! 

*This and all other contests/promotions are only able to be won by the women who participate in We Run This as that is this site’s focus, Women’s Running*

Personal Mission Statement

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Right now running, reading about running, talking about running, and being a RUNNERD (runner nerd) is unfortunately NOT my full-time job. As I have mentioned in the past I am a clinically trained Social Worker who provides Case Management for adults living with HIV/AIDS. As with any job this one has it’s ups and downs. One big up is that I get to attend free training provided by the State of Wisconsin. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend a session titled: Wellness to Work. The workshop was Facilitated by Paul Riehemann from Well Today. I am not going to lie I was super tired from the surprise get together thrown for me on Monday night and BUMMED that at a Wellness training all they had for breakfast was doughnuts but Paul had me at “Ironman Kona Finisher.” I thought: “anyone who can finish 140miles of ANYTHING deserves my attention. Even if I’m tired and in a sugar coma.” After various exercises and partnered discussions we were asked to write our Personal Mission Statement. I was apprehensive at first but once I started writing it was hard to stop.

Here is mine(completely un-edited):

I will be a person of great character. I will motivate others to be their best them by being my best me. I will be successful in my ventures. I will let everyone who I care about know it. I will admit I’m wrong even when it’s hard, embarrassing or hurts. I will listen more and talk less. I will say I’m going to NOT I want to. I will BE about it. I will live a life I am proud of. I will always protect, cherish and strive to make better my family. I will keep moving forward in times of strife,despair, and when anyone/anything tries to hold me back. I will teach my children to carry this mission on when I no longer can. 

I challenge all of you to write a Personal Mission Statement and keep it somewhere you will see it often!!!

There are some GREAT things brewing with We Run This so expect more frequent blogs and check back regularly. Remember the deadline for applications to be one of our two Shoe Scholarship winners in December is 11/31/11 at 11:59pm. Don’t need shoes?! Consider donating. It is my birthday tomorrow after all 🙂 More information can be found on the Shoe Scholarship Page. (link coming soon) Also please visit the InStep Facebook page and give them a “like:” for supporting women runners. Without their help we couldn’t have launched this Scholarship in 2011!!!!

Tighten those laces, LETS RUN!!!