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Everyday can’t be the BEST day!

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Every day can not be great, if they were we would never appreciate all the great we have! Today (this week/month) have not been great. If you’ve been following along here you know I have been injured in one way or another since about mid November. Nothing major and nothing that has kept me completely out of running for more then a week. More annoying issues than anything. I’ve been trying to stick to running every other day because of my IT Band but had to take 4 days off after hurting my shin last week (link coming soon). It’s been kind of a rollercoaster. Don’t get me wrong though I am VERY grateful that I have been able to run at all as I know not everyone is so lucky!
Aside from injury running HAS been going pretty well. I feel good aerobically and am getting faster slowly. It’s not been too brutal for being December in Wisconsin and I have been very committed to making my workouts outside of running (not something I’ve been the best at in the past).

Unfortunately my running life does not exist in a vacuum. I have a lot of commitments. I work full-time in Social Services, have 2 year old twins, am married, have bills, etc. I am growing less and less fond of my f/t gig and it’s wearing on me…BIG TIME! Which is likely why I’m having less great days lately. A couple of months ago when I set some pretty high goals which you can read more about here I was really committed to a weight loss of ~12lbs in 2 1/2 months because nutrition has always been an area I struggle in (read: I like(LOVE) wine/beer/red meat/fried things/pizza/chocolate) I also started to count calories. This lasted hmmm a week. Then I carbo loaded for a race and it was all kind of down hill from there. I haven’t gained weight but I haven’t really lost any either. I’m still stilling around 150lbs. As I’ve said many times before I am generally happy where I’m at weight wise and clearly don’t mind sharing that number.The goal of being 140lbs by 1/1/12 was really more to push myself. So maybe the goal was just wrong for me in the first place, or maybe just for right now when I am so stressed out and focused on other goals. I’d REALLY like to tone up and have been seeing some of those improvements after re-committing to cross-training/weight training.

No matter what I am here to be REAL with you, admitting I haven’t achieved a goal doesn’t mean I won’t achieve the rest of them. It also doesn’t mean I get to slack off and neither do you. Not every day is a great day but it starts with the potential to be one! You may not like your job, your kids may get in trouble or your car may break down. Though you may have little control over the world around you you CAN control your reaction to it!!! You can also control your run so…

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Tighten This Laces, LETS RUN!!!!


December Scholarship Winners!

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Thanks hugely to InStep Running and Walking Centers today marked the first granting of the We Run This Shoe Scholarships!! We received a lot of amazing entries/stories and strongly encourage those who did not receive a scholarship to apply again. I was very fortunate to be able to speak with both winners today and both oozed with gratitude. Please take a minute to read about this months winners below. We will be accepting scholarship applications for January until 12/31/11 at 11:59pm and as always we are also accepting donations (see the Shoe Scholarship site for more details).
December 2012 Newbie Shoe Scholarship Winner:
Name: Shantell R
Age: 36
Shoes Provided By: InStep Running and Walking Centers
Story: Shantell has been running since February 2011 but after being sidelined a few times began getting serious in August 2011. With a history of health risks in her family Shantell knew she had to get healthy, quick. As a single mother of 3 boys she had to save up to buy her first pair of running shoes. After ruining her shoes in the Dirty Girl Mud Run, spending another $100 + dollars was out of the question so Shantell bought the cheapest shoes she could find which were a size too big and was determined to make them work. Through running Shantell has lost 26lbs and is ready to keep going. Shantell is currently training for the Cellcom Half Marathon and can not wait to see her sons’ admiration for her when she crosses the finish line! Congratulations Shantell!!!!

December 2012 Rough Road Shoe Scholarship Winner:
Name: Rachel V
Age: 31
Shoes Provided By: InStep Running and Walking Centers
Story: In an effort to loose some “baby weight” Rachel started running 7 years ago and fell in love. Unfortunately she also have a botched knee surgery 5 years in which kept her out of the sport for almost 2 years. After another child Rachel wanted to get back into shape and fell back on Running. A single mother of 2 girls, Rachel puts family first and has not bought running shoes in a long time do to the need to provide for everyone else. Rachel’s 9 year old daughter even noticed how worn her mother’s shoes was and exclaimed, “Don’t worry mommy! If you believe, Santa will bring you new running shoes.” The sentiment touched Rachel and us. Pushing her daughters for a run, with the 9 year old getting out to run some, brings Rachel all the joy and fulfillment she needs and she hopes this inspires her girls to be active. With the inspriation stemming from her girls Rachel is currently training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Congratulations Rachel!!!!

Please join us in congratulating our December 2012 Shoe Scholarship recipients by commenting below.

OOPS My Shin *contains images with blood*

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<—-Right after. Sorry I got blood on your towel YMCA!

Today was a cross training day. Easy right? Most of the times I’ve been immediately hurt (so not a sore IT band, or shin splint) have been cross training or resting, today was no exception. I had just finished the Nike Training Club’s Ab Blaster work out and wanted to do some jumping drills. I usually use a raised stair stepper but someone was using it (this gym doesn’t have much equipment) and I was being impatient (typical) so I used a medal platform stepper (you can already see this turning out badly right!?!?!) First jump on was good. Second jump… NOT. I clipped the edge with my toes and slammed/ slid my left shin down the edge! *Expletive*  I’m pretty sure I saw my shin bone and immediately felt like puking!

<—Bandaged Up!

I walked (limped) over to where the Personal Trainers and Wellness staff sit, showed the guy sitting there and asked for ice. He didn’t say much, gave me ice and walked away. A women approached, Amy, she gave me more ice and filled out an incident report. She kept making me say that I was “declining further medical attention” because the last thing any place wants is to be sued! “There’s an urgent care near by” she insisted. I kindly declined and told her I’m not paying $100.00 to be given more ice, I have ice at home. She bandaged me up and I went to change.                                                                                  FYI Those —->
are the shoes I wear when I’m forcing myself to not run and since I’m doing the every other day thing because of my IT Band stuff I wore them today.

<—- Almost ironic tattoo placement, it says Damaged Goods.
If you want to know the story behind THAT one e-mail me. After a few more rounds of (R.I.C.E) and a Big Bay IPA I Seem to be able to jump with little pain and walk relatively normal. It seems to hurt more to the touch then on impact because when my son head butted me in the shin tonight there were still more expletives! I’m expecting to know the whole scope of the injury in the next couple days and will keep you posted. If you have experienced an injury like this I will take all the advice I can get on returning to running. Especially since I JUST signed up for the Chicago Polar Dash  (my 4th 1/2 marathon of 4 in 4 seasons) LAST NIGHT!

Tighten Those Laces! You run, I’ll watch!

Race Report: Girls on the Run 5k 2011

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On Sunday 12/3/11 I walked into the Petit National Ice Center more excited then I ever expected to be with the knowledge that I was about to finish a 5k DEAD LAST. As I explained in an earlier post  I had signed up to be a WonderGirl at this event and cheerlead and make sure no one, especially the 3rd – 5th graders for whom this 5k was put on for, was last.

Cheering aids for spectators!

Girls on the Run of Greater Milwaukee put on a top notch event. The Petit National Ice Center is an Olympic Training Center focusing on speed skating (Skater turned 3:25:14 marathoner Apolo Ohno has even skated there). Around the speed skating track the Petit brings in extra money by charging people $4.00 a day to use a run/walk track that is ~ .25 mile long. The Petit is also regulated to ~50 degrees F to keep the ice perfect. This makes for good training ground in the unpredictable Wisconsin weather. It also made for a good race on Sunday. A 5K at the Petit is 11 laps. Participants were given orange rubber bands to count laps (smart!)
I spent some time getting to know my fellow WonderGirls in a warm room over looking the track.


I was so happy to have 3 other amazing women to have this experience with. I had known of Ashley (Left) since early this summer when she completed her run across the US for MS and it was truly inspiring to talk to her about her journey. Check it out HERE. Kristie and Leslie were amazing and inspiring as well. Whenever the word Ironman comes up I can’t help but feel less then worthy. I also got the chance to meet blogger Tom Held who writes Off the Couch for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has adorable 6 month old twins, and who, like Ashley, I’ve been following for some time. Any day I can talk with local endurance sport celebrities is a good day in my book. OK enough name dropping.

The event went off without a hitch and I had so much fun being out there with all the women and girls completing their first 5k. I was so inspired by all of you. A huge thanks to Girls on the Run of Greater Milwaukee for providing me with the opportunity of a life time. I don’t think there’s a single picture on Running in the USA where I am not smiling.  The race was over in about 47:00 and I’m not even sure if I completed a whole 5k (I wasn’t counting laps and I jumped off the course to cheer a couple times and help a runner having an asthma attack). There was a kids run (on lap) after the 5k which was a BLAST and included a Batman and a mom running while holding what looked to be about a 20lb kid!!! I am already excited for next year and hope GOTR will have me back as a WonderGirl. These are amazing times for women in running and I couldn’t think of a better way to give back. Congratulations to all the finishers you are ALL WONDERGIRLS!!!