Month: December 2012


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If we are connected on Facebook or Twitter you have heard my ranting about this leg (possible hamstring) issue I’ve been having ever since I ran the Lakefront Marathon in October. If we are not connected now you know. I have yet to go to the doctor do to 1) a high deductible and 2) a high level of denial. I have an appointment on Wednesday for my yearly physical and will likely bring it up but we will see.  Where my previous plan of “just continue running and ignore the pain because it doesn’t hurt WHEN you run” failed my new “run slowly, every other day, strength train,ice, foam roll and stretch” seems to be working (so far). I had 3 full days PAIN FREE last week! That is the longest I’ve went in 2 months but I also went 5 days without running. I ran slow for 4 miles on Thursday with some tightness around 3.5 but no pain at night (when I have been hurting the most).

This injury wouldn’t be such a big deal except I’m suppose to be running the Icebreaker Indoor 1/2 Marathon in 7 weeks and want to be in good enough shape to beat the 2:30 cut off. With a Half PR of 2:24:46 I have little wiggle room.

I am out of town this weekend in Fond Du Lac, WI and kid-less so I decided to see if I could push 8 miles. The run itself went surprisingly well. No pain, felt strong, got to see some interesting things and found a bathroom at just the right moment. I had a bit of pain last night but think that wouldn’t have been the case had I iced and rolled instead of sitting in bed drinking a beer and writing my sister a training plan. I will leave you with some photos from my run. This is an interesting little town!


Race Report: Drumstick Dash 5k

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A few months back I hap-haphazardly entered the FITMKE contest to win two entries into the inaugural Drumstick Dash 5k. Low and behold I WON! I knew I would be at my in-law’s house for the big turkey day which is about 40 mins north of State Fair Park where the race was held so I invited my Father-in-Law to join me. He has been talking about running a 5k together since I began running 5 years ago now he had NO reason not to join me. He hadn’t run more than 2 miles in over a year and does most of his exercise on the elliptical but he agreed.


We arrived super early after learning there was over 2,000 people slotted to join us that Thursday morning so we hung out in the car as my FIL decided what to wear/not wear in the chill of the morning. Once we got into the Cream Puff Pavilion we were warm and psyched to run ON THE MILWAUKEE MILE! My FIL is a huge race fan so he was probably more excited than I was. I was most excited to see Vision Event Management* had the thought to use the mile because I have run TONS of races at state fair park and never once liked the course until this race.  The race was crowed but well organized. I had decided to just run by feel and not worry about time and just have fun. I still managed a progressive run with each mile faster than the last and a finish time of 29:13. Not a PR but my 5th sub 30 5k!


All in all it was a great morning of running. It ended up to be perfect weather, right around 45*, and both of us felt like we had a great run. In case you were wondering I beat my FIL but only by about 2 mins so I’m lucky he didn’t train!


*DISCLOSURE: After winning the entry into the race I was contacted by Vision Event Management through their partnership with FITMKE and asked to be a community partner to help promote their races. However, this race was not a race I was a partner for and the statements above are my experience alone. I will be involved with the marketing of the Summerfest Rock N Sole race so stay tuned for details!