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Running and beer… my people

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This weekend has really been eye opening for me. Even though I’m pretty connected to others through social media I sometimes have little “woe is me” moments of not feeling like I am connected in real life that much. I have friends with busy lives (you go awesome important people you!) and I happen to be pretty busy as well so it’s hard to find time to hang out, especially with my non-runner friends (aka people I am still working to get to start running). 

Saturday was a group run day and though not many people showed a friend I have known since high school, Teresa, drove down from Oshkosh to join the fun. She is training for Ironman Wisconsin so she it blogging HERE and part of her journey is to swim/bike/run in new places to not get burnt out. After the group run we stayed at The Pettit and got a total 10 miles in. Before the run I got to talk to a few women who I am connected with on Twitter but they needed to get their miles in much earlier.  I’m ALWAYS surprised when people recognize me from here, Facebook or Twitter. I love meeting runners so PLEASE say hi if you see me!!

On the run I saw TONS of people I’ve been connected with through my short stint working at Fleet Feet as well as my season mentoring with DetermiNation.It was fun to see at least 4 other people in their 2013 Lakefront Marathon shirts too because SO many people complained about them.  After the run I got to go to Stone Creek Coffee with Teresa and relax/check up (though we did talk a lot in the 10 miles). 

Saturday night my Father in Law had to come into Milwaukee for some brewing supplies and I had a Central Waters Space Ghost we needed to share so we decided it’d be a good night to go have some beers. We headed to Big Head Brewery in Wauwatosa because it’s pretty new and he wanted to check it out. Though I am not overly impressed with the beer it is drinkable enough and a fun atmosphere. The REAL fun started when we got to Three Cellars. For the last two years this has been one of my favorite places to buy/drink beer. So much so we had a fun run from there and plan to have it be our first “repeat” location in spring or summer. The staff has always been great and most of them have been there quiet a long time so it makes me feel good to get recognized and be remembered. 

We hung out for much longer then expected and had a blast talking with staff and their respective partners and being included in some awesome beer tastings.
All in all Saturday made me feel special, and don’t lie everyone likes to feel special. It also reminded me that I am putting my time into the right communities for me. We all have multiple identities and can choose how closely we associate with others in that identity I’m happy I choose runners and craft beer lovers we are good people!!!

Tighten those laces, let’s Run!!!

Get to Know Team We Run This – Ragnar Chicago 2014

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I am really excited to get this series going so you can meet all the awesome people who will be running from Madison to Chicago with me in the Ragnar Relay on Team We Run This this year. We will feature one runner per month leading up to the June 6th -7th race.

I met Jennifer through a mutual Twitter connection @Midwestphoto at a trail run he organized. We ended up running together, getting lost and waking up a man sleeping by the river and his pit bull. I was really pumped when Jennifer agreed and became the first person officially excepted onto the We Run This team.

Jennifer H., 36, Milwaukee, Theater Marketing Director

Jennifer at mile 22 of the Chicago Marathon
Jennifer at mile 22 of the Chicago Marathon

How long have you been running? What got you started?
Technically I started running in 2002 in preparation for my first sprint triathlon. Then I caught the bug and found myself signed up for 5Ks, 10Ks, sprint triathlons, and even a half marathon every weekend throughout the summer for the next two years. A long-distance move and having my first child put me out of the regular running circuit for a couple of years, but then in 2008 came back with focused training and a goal to run one marathon per year throughout my 30s. I’m now 36, eight marathons in, with plans to run three a year to reach 50 marathons before age 50 (yikes!).
Why Ragnar Ultra?
Ragnar has been on my bucket list for the last year or so. Running with friends or soon-to-be-friends between two of my favorite cities – and practically through my usual running route – at any hour sounds like a great new challenge, and a blast. Why Ragnar Ultra? Honestly, it was the first team opportunity available to me, but considering my marathon training (including three 26.2s last fall) I’m sure I’m up for the mileage.
Where do you typically run (inside, outside, roads, trails)?
All of the above. Mostly road and indoors (treadmill or the Pettit National Ice Center’s track, depending on climate/time of year). I’m tryng to do much more of my winter training outdoors this year; running over snow and ice is proving to be similar to trails as far as technicalities and new muscles being used goes.
Do you cross train? How?
I try to make myself race one triathlon per year – as that is how all of my endurance madness got started – so I try to swim 1-2 times a week, and bike 1-2 times a week, either outdoors during the summer, or by taking spin classes. I also strength train a few times a week, do yoga once a week, and try to fit in a kickboxing class once a week at my gym.
Must have running gear?
Shoes of course – I’m currently running in Saucony Omni 12’s, which have suited me well throughout the last year. I also am fond of pants/shorts with multiple pockets for gels (Gu, especially Salted Caramel, for long runs), and also like Pro Compression socks for long runs, unless it is too warm out. This winter, I love the fleece-lined Mizuno running tights I received for Christmas. If I’m outdoors, I must have my Garmin – I’m all about tracking my metrics.
While running Music/ No music?
I used to always run with music and would panic if my iPod was not charged, but this past season I’ve done a lot of my runs without.
What are you most excited about for Ragnar this year?
Getting to have an experience of a lifetime, and checking a major race off my growing Race Bucket List.
What are you most scared of about Ragnar this year?
Not losing my $h*t around near-strangers/new friends due to lack of quality sleep.
If one thing (comfort from home, food, beer, etc.) could be waiting for you in Chicago at the Ragnar finish line what would it be?
Coffee or beer (depending on time of day), perhaps a big ol’ cookie.
Anything else you would like to share?
Last summer, I started a blog as a diary of sorts to document all of my endurance madness – This coming season there are sure to be some crazy stories from my running, triathlon and other fitness adventures, and I’m excited to see this blog grow someday. I also have two daughters and work full-time. How I have time for all of this running and training I’m not sure…a lot of coffee, little sleep, and an understanding husband who has the same interests (he completed Ironman Wisconsin last year!) is quite helpful.
Endurance enthusiasts can find me on my blog, Twitter @HarmonizedRun, or on Daily Mile at

Jennifer at the finish of the Madison Twilight 10K
Jennifer at the finish of the Madison Twilight 10K

Thanks Jennifer!!!

Tighten those laces. Let’s RUN!

Up and at ’em 2014

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Here I am in a blogging lull again. After my 50K focused a lot of energy on recovery (eating and drinking) and gaining a good 5lb. I was being pretty lazy in all aspects of my life and you know what I am OK with that. I spent 10 months of 2013 in “training” mode. First for Ragnar Chicago and then for Surf the Murph 50K. All the while I was also juggling a lot of other responsibilities that meant late nights and early wake ups.  

So here we are January 2nd 2014! Why not be cliché and write a testament about how I won’t let that laziness happen AGAIN? Well because that’s not really my style and it probably will happen again, next October after an epic year it will be a deserved break, recharge or whatever you want to call it. I really resumed my running life about a month ago (though I had been running for fun and when I wanted the whole time) when I got bored/sick of being lazy starting building a base and eating better (subsequently loosing those 5lbs)  so this is NOT about starting new for 2014 but keeping the momentum growing.

What’s up for 2014

Monthly women only fun runs!

–          We will continue to do monthly fun runs in the Milwaukee, WI area so get connected on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know! Next run Jan. 18th 9am The Pettit

Race Directing

–   I have accepted the position as the Race Director for Run Like a Mother – Milwaukee. This 5K race will be held May 10th (Mother’s Day). Though I will not saturate We Run This with RLAM posts I will put out a few reminders to register/requests for volunteers. This is an important journey in my running life so I will share lessons learned and field notes from my adventure for anyone considering race directing as well.

Ragnar Chicago

–   As you may know I am SO HONORED to have been selected into a group of people tasked with promoting Ragnar known as Ragnar Ambassadors. I’ll be running more store fun runs and hosting some 101 sessions to help get out the word because this is probably my FAVORITE RACE! PS Prices increase 1/10 so if you’ve been debating – REGISTER NOW

–   I will be captaining and running as part of an ultra (6 person) team again and I am SUPER excited for our cast of characters (who don’t know it but I am going to ask to feature them on the blog).

The BIG run goal

–  The BIG run goal for me this year will be to complete 2 50Ks! I had so much fun at Surf the Murph I want to capture that again and again. Timing works out perfectly from a training prospective so as long as I get in to both races I will be running Dances With Dirt – Devil’s Lake on July 12th (for fun/experience/because I have a wedding to go to in Madison at 4:00pm anyways) and the Glacial Trail 50K on Oct. 12th (for time, under 7hrs). That was scary to write!

So there it is. It doesn’t seem like much but on top of a full time job and parenting twin four year olds in a household with a lot of weekend travel it should be interesting. I hope to meet as much of the We Run This community as possible in 2014 and am looking forward to many great runs!

Happy New Year!

Tighten those laces! Let’s Run!!

–   Rachel